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Ideas for Environmentally friendly living

Ideas presented on World Environment Day 2007

Use of Web tools for teaching

Blogging, wikis, podcasting and web 2.0 tools .

International Forestry and Environment Symposium 2007

International Symposium on 30 Novmeber - 1 December 2007.

Sinharaja rain forest

Information and trail map.

Buddhist message on Conservation

Arhat Mahinda's Message on 246 BC

Environment Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island, 65,610 km2 in area situated close to the Southeast corner of the peninsula of India. Despite its relatively small size, Sri Lanka possesses a high level of bioddiversity. This site provides information, galleries, discussions on Sri Lankan Environment, Biodiverstiy, Eco-tourism and environmental issues.

Eco tourism

St Clairs water fall in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has an exotic and vibrant resource base of Ecotourism. Fifteen(15) distinct bio regions in an area of 62,500 square km each offering different ecosystems, such as Sinharaja rain forest and wildlife opportunities in national parks of the island including six world heritage sites.


Elephants in National Park in Sri LankaSri Lanka has the highest Biodiversity per 10,000 square km in Asia. It is one of the 25 Biodiversity hot spots of the world. A noteworthy feature of Sri Lanka's biodiversity is the remarkable high proportion of endemic species among its flora and fauna: 23% of the flowering plants and 16% of the mammals in the island are endemic. Sri Lanka has a wide range of topographic and climatic variation and this contributes to the special features of its biodiversity.

Picture Galleries

Our picture galleries include images of wild life, birds and ecosystems. Activities conducted by members of Young Biologists Association are also included in these galleries. More images are available in our Flickr photo stream.

Educational Articles

Abstracts of the papers presented at Forestry and Environment Symposium organized by Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jaywardenepura, research articles and information are also included in Articles section of this web site.

Books on Environment and Biodiversity published in Sri Lanka.
Details of M.Sc. Forestry and Environmental Science, conducted by Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

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Mind map on Innovations for Better Environment 1995-symposium Department of Forestry members with MSc students 1995 Internet seminar with Dr Chamberlain Third Forestry and Environment Symposium 1997 Forestry and Environment Symposium 1996