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Ideas for Environmentally friendly living

Ideas presented on World Environment Day 2007

Use of Web tools for teaching

Blogging, wikis, podcasting and web 2.0 tools .

International Forestry and Environment Symposium 2007

International Symposium on 30 Novmeber - 1 December 2007.

Sinharaja rain forest

Information and trail map.

Buddhist message on Conservation

Arhat Mahinda's Message on 246 BC

Galleries - Images, Photos, Paintings

These photgraphs are taken by Kasun Salindra Dayananda, member of Young Biolgists Association (student of Sri Sumangala Boys School, Panadura) in October 2005. He and some members of YBA visited Sinharaja rain forest from Deniyaya, where they have captrued these images in Morning site, one of the hotspots for endemic amphibians of Sri Lanka.

Sinharaja fauna

gira maliththa bird indian robin bird at sinharaja
Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot
Gira maliththa
(Loriculus berilinus)
Indian robin
(Saxicoloides fulicata)
neth kaha demalichcha - sinharaja bird mal pilihuduwa - sinharaja bird
Yellow Eyed Babbler (Chrysomma sinense)
Neth Kaha demalichcha
Common King Fisher (Alcedo atthis)
Mal pilihuduwa
rana gracilis - forg at sinharaja forest rana gracilis - forg at sinharaja forest
Rana temporalis
Rana gracilis
unidentified forg at sinharaja forest
unidentified forg at sinharaja forest
Fejervarya limnocharis
Philautus reticulates
blue tiger butterfly
Blue tiger
(Tirumala limniace)