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Activities of YBA (Young Biologists' Association)
Biodiversity Heritage of Sri Lanka - National Seminars organized by Department of Forestry and Environment Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Biodiversity secretariat of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, IUCN, Sri Lanka and Young Biologists Association)
at Forestry Auditorium, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda.

These workshops were organized to improve the awareness on Sri Lankan Fauna and Flora among young generation (School children, university students and other interested parties), so that they can be involved in conservation and management of our biological heritage.


Workshop 1 - Vertebrates
This was held on 29 Novmber 2005

Session 1 - Lectures on Fishes, Reptiles and marine mammals

Session 2 - Lectures on Amphibians, Birds and Mammals

Tea time hopsitality by University students to participating school children

Part of the organizing team of the event

Workshop 2 – Invertebrates
13 December 2005

Marine invertebrates - Dr Malik Fernando
Insect diversity - Dr Anura Wijesekera
Ants - Dr Shirani Dias
Bees - Dr. Inoka (WAIP) Karunaratne and Prof Jayanthi Edirisinghe
Corals - Mr Arjan Rajasooriya
Spiders - Dr Channa Bambaradeniya
Butterflies - Mr Nalin Perera
Mollusca - Dr Kithsiri Ranawana