Chartered Society of the Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka

YBA is an association, which promotes Biology, Environmental Management and Healthy Lifestyles among young generation. This was formed in 1998 by Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka, the umbrella organization for professional Biologists' (Academics, Researcher etc. ) in the country.

Young Biologists' Blog

Overall objective:

To stimulate and develop an interest in Biology, and to promote dissemination and development of the knowledge in the field of Biology and related subject areas among younger generation.

This society conducts activities to promote various aspects of biology: botany, zoology, micorbiology, biotechnology, forestry, environmental science, horticulture, agriculture, fisheries, oceanography, marine biology, biochemistry, palaeontology and medicine.

Current activities of YBA   Recent activities - photo gallery >
Members of YBA meet every Tuesdays at 2.30 pm at Natural Histroy Museum, Colombo 7
Study groups in the Museum and Natural History Museum
Organizing field excursions and field biology workshops to places of Biological interest
Help in G.C.E. Advanced Level student projects
Conducting research activities
Conduct short courses
Organizing exhibitions and competitions
Organizing guest lectures
Organize events and projects to raise funds as well as to promote the Biology

Membership is open to all who are interested in YBA objectives and can be obtained by participating regular meetings of YBA on Tuesdays at Natural History Museum.

The Society is managed by a Council, which consists of office bearers.